• Services for Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas Industry policy states all persons working off-shore shall be examined periodically and classified as medically fit to work in the off-shore environment.
    AP Companies is committed to delivering all range of medical services with exceptional attention to quality, safety and cost-effectiveness, tailoring the services to the needs and requirements of every client.


    PEME and REME

    AP Companies’ comprehensive network of medical providers specialize in Medical checkups in different countries and in combination with an experienced in-house medical team, will be able to achieve the best quality and best timing for the best price!

    Careful selection, examination and management of the approved medical providers
    Accreditations with local maritime organizations
    Package pricing
    Clear management of expectations for all parties

    PEME and REME in different countries


    Evacuations / Repatriations

    AP Companies Global network includes extensive number of air ambulance, road ambulance and commercial airline providers worldwide. 


    Covid-19 Management solutions

    • Arrangement of COVID-19 hospitalisation cases in countries and rigs around the world
    • Medical Evacuation/repatriation of the crew impacted by COVID-19 to home country
    • Effective cost control/cost containment for high cost bills for inpatient cases related to COVID 19
    • Providing solutions for mass testing on board
    • Pre travel testing for crew
    • Antigen and PCR testing supply
    • Covid-19 vaccination around the world

    Telehealth advice

    Your first point of contact for any medical problem or question on the platform.
    Our telemedicine specialists, experienced doctors are available 24/7. They will help you evaluate and diagnose patients and then recommend a treatment plan depending on their condition.  

    • Provides peace of mind to your employees
    • Timely help and resolution of the majority of small and medium medical problems on board
    • Reduces or avoids unnecessary treatment on shore
    • Reduces the amount of Medical Evacuations

    Mental Health Solutions for the employees

    While providing psychological support and advice on fighting depression and preventing stress and anxiety, the employer will hugely contribute to wellbeing and safety on the platform, avoiding tragedies.

    • emotional support
    • help on preventing stress disorders and depression
    • help on handling difficult or traumatic events
    • working on self-esteem
    • educating on setting personal objectives, etc. 

    Special Medical Units

    We will create a special medical unit, adapted to your needs, provide  medical staff and equipment. 

    Medical units on the oil rig: treatment units, providing a safe environment for first aid, emergency care, on-going medical support, and sanitary control.
    Emergency plans: emergency response plans for remote locations.

    If you have any questions or require any further details on our services, please Contact us