• Services for P&I clubs

    AP Companies International Medical Assistance Company offers extensive experience in Maritime services, providing a comprehensive holistic solution for the Healthcare of the Crew.
    AP Companies can serve also clients as their Global Medical Correspondent.


    PEME and REME

    AP Companies’ comprehensive network of medical providers specialize in Medical checkups in different countries and in combination with an experienced in-house medical team, will be able to achieve the best quality and best timing for the best price!

    Careful selection, examination and management of the approved medical providers
    Accreditations with local maritime organizations
    Package pricing
    Clear management of expectations for all parties

    PEME and REME in different countries


    Home country medical treatment

    Case management in the crew members home countries:

    • Referral to the most suitable medical facility
    • Transport arrangement
    • Placing the Guarantee of Payment on behalf of the customer
    • Obtaining of Medical reports
    • Active case management
    • Close collaboration of AP Companies medical team with the treating doctor to ensure quick and efficient treatment plan

    Mental health for seafarers

    Psychological disorders are complex, multi-dimensional and expressed in multiple ways, often combining psychological, behavioral and physical symptoms. They range from non-severe, short episodes which can be treated, to long-lasting, life impacting illnesses and may manifest as an acute, possibly life-threatening crisis. 


    Evacuations / Repatriations

    AP Companies Global network includes extensive number of air ambulance, road ambulance and commercial airline providers worldwide. 


    Covid-19 Management solutions

    • Arrangement of COVID-19 hospitalisation cases in countries and rigs around the world
    • Medical Evacuation/repatriation of the crew impacted by COVID-19 to home country
    • Effective cost control/cost containment for high cost bills for inpatient cases related to COVID 19
    • Providing solutions for mass testing on board
    • Pre travel testing for crew
    • Antigen and PCR testing supply
    • Covid-19 vaccination around the world

    Ports of call shore side medical appointments

    • Extensive direct medical provider network in the Ports of call with exclusive rates
    • Original invoice from the provider attached to every claim
    • Effective cost control/cost containment system
    • Medical quality control
    • Our experienced team of registered Doctors & Nurses will follow the case till the crew member is discharged or repatriated
    • Full compliance with personal data protection and MLC requirements
    • Reporting

    If you have any questions or require any further details on our services, please Contact us